Monday, October 17, 2011



I've been pretty busy (can't remember the last time i grocery shopped) lately and it is way past time i updated this bloggie thingie.

'What's been keeping you so busy, Laura?' you say? always.
Singing at cabarets...old favorite past-time
Breaking favorite past-time
Working at a bakery...Stupidly fun

Along with the usual baking, packaging, etc. at Hot Blondies ( I've been working at their booth for Madison Square Eats. A big ole market of spiffy restaurants and trucks, Madison Square Eats has been a joy for my mouth and an enemy to my hips.
'Lobster roll?' Why, yes, thank you.
'Prosciutto and kale pizza?' Don't mind if I do.
'Beer, beer, and more beer?' Well, you only live once, right?
And who needs grocery shopping when you've got cute guys throwing steak tacos your way? Exaaaaactly.
It's been a hell of a lot of fun AND i'm picking up little tips about running mobile food services. That could come in handy someday...

Anyhoo-attached is a little video of a pretty bad-ass day involving an audition, a haircut, baking, working the booth, some RIDICULOUSLY cool news, and singing karaoke in Queens.


  1. Really? Do give details as to your news!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA Shut up! I'm not J-Lo... my ass isn't big enough.