Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rhapsody in Cheese

Hello Dear-hearts!

I've been one busy little beaver lately and it's been TOUGH finding time to bake much less post.


The Cheese Straws worked!

My childhood bff, Dawn, is like...miss improv comedy 2012 and does lights, etc. for an improv show called FUN! on Monday nights in Long Island City. She asked me last week if I could bring some fun sized baked goods and naturally I said 'Yes!' and I used the opportunity to try out Miss Sally Stockton's Cheese Straws.

Sally is a friend of my mom's and apparently makes cheese straws once a week. After my first attempt at these went 'THUD' I was looking for a tried-and-true recipe and Sally was kind enough to send me hers. Lemme tell ya...it's an expensive recipe to screw up and I was nervous, but these turned out PERFECT! They're cheesy, crunchy on the bottom, slightly soft throughout, and have a little kick from the cayenne at the end.

Also, the recipe makes a ton, which is good cause the improv show attendees gobbled 'em up like crazy.

Pretty much the whole recipe and tips are on the short video below. ENJOY!

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