Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blueberry Cream Pie!

It's your buddy back for action and ready to COMPETE! Twice a year there's a 'Jazz Age Lawn Party' that's held on Governor's Island (off the southern tip of Manhattan) and I finally went! There's an incredible big band, charleston lessons and general '23 skidoo'-ness. And best of all...there's a pie baking contest.

Oh it's on now.

So I decide to bake my mom's (hereafter referred to as 'Mama Wynn') blueberry cream pie with pecan topping. Now... I remember her making this once and I never got a piece. It just sat in the 'beer fridge' in the garage awaiting company and taunting me. Anyhoo, here's the recipe card and 2 little videos of my sad attempt to make pretty crust and my successful attempt to make tasty pie.

Mama Wynn's recipe shorthand:
Big 'T'=Tablespoon
little 't'=teaspoon

As you can see, super tastiness was produced. The judges, however, failed to see the brilliance of my pie and I was awarded diddly squat.


So what does one do when defeated? Comfort eat. I'll spare you the gory recipe details (we'll make this together soon) but here are some pics of the Mini Pecan Pies:
A more successful crust! I decided to roll it out on wax paper. That helped tremendously :)

Since these pies are 'mini' I used a wide mouth glass to cut out mini crusts. Ingenious, no?
The dough's still gonna be a jerk so I'm using a sharp knife to gently loosen the rounds from the wax paper. Then I gently pressed them into the muffin tin. No greasing necessary!
Pie: pre-baking time
Pie: pre-GET IN MY BELLY-time. With fresh vanilla whipped cream, of course.
everybody sing: (tune: sound of silence)
Hello pecans my old friend...I've come to eat with you again...

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